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Orna Ross, founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors

If you'd like to focus on book sales, growth and profit in 2023, join me, Orna Ross, and a group of dedicated indie authors live at 5pm (UK time) on January 4th 2024, or in replay for a week afterwards.

Register for one-off workshop here: OrnaRoss.com/planning24

Register for a longer term commitment and get additional benefits (including multiple workshop replays) here workshop planning patron here on Patreon .

Once registered, you'll be provided with full details of how to prepare and attend.

The Workshop

The workshop brings together writers from various backgrounds and experiences, but all are united in their determination to make 2023 their most productive and profitable year as a self-publishing authors.

The aim is to provide supportive and collaborative environment for creative planning, enabling you to go deeply into your own publishing values and motivations, set good creative intentions, and develop an effective publishing plan for your writing and publishing in the coming year.

A series of fun and engaging activities–including brainstorming sessions, f-r-e-e-writing exercises, and prompts–we'll tap into your imagination and foster creative flow, so you can explore:

  • the challenges and opportunities you face in the coming year and how creative planning can help
  • the importance of rest and play to the creative process, in publishing as in writing
  • the principles that enable a more creative approach to your publishing, as well as your writing
  • the three hats an indie author must wear and how to improve the abilities of each
  • the links between money and meaning: importance of profit and ROI, and how to pay yourself first
  • the difference between goals, milestones and creative intentions and how to track progress in each: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.
  • the creative joy you can take in your own growth, from wherever you are, right here, right now.

Creative planning meets you where you are, then activates and directs your creative energies, so you can absorb the inevitable vagaries of the author's life, and steadily move towards where you want to go.

The answers you need are inside you. Letting them speak to you is transformative.

That's what I'm offering here. Not conventional business planning but a complete, unique, holistic program that empowers every author to enliven their own creative faculties so they can profit from their writing and publishing.

Register for a the Big Annual Planning Workshop only here

Register for ongoing monthly workshops throughout 2024 here

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