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23Nov 19
Making The Most Of Your ALLi Authorpreneur Membership

Making the Most of Your ALLi Authorpreneur Membership

As an authorpreneur member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (known as ALLi, pronounced like the word “ally”), you’ve already found success in writing, publishing, and distributing your self-published books. How sure are you that you’re getting the most out of your ALLi authorpreneur membership and that you know about all the resources available here? ALLi Communications Manager Boni Wagner-Stafford offers some insight. 
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22Nov 19
Opinion: Working With Babelcube

Opinion: Working With Babelcube

Would you like to see your book translated into another language, but feel you can’t afford to? One answer — relatively easy, but not completely pain free — is Babelcube. Ann Richardson, ALLi author member, has been working with them for about a year and this post recounts her experience to date.
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18Nov 19
What Is Publishing? The Seven Processes Of Book Publishing

What Is Publishing? The Seven Processes of Book Publishing

Anyone who sets out to publish a book needs to understand the seven processes of publishing. If you're scratching your head or you've never heard of them, don't worry. ALLi Director, Orna Ross is here to explain each of the process and why they should matter to you.
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16Nov 19
Speak At The Spring 2020 #SelfPubCon

Speak at the Spring 2020 #SelfPubCon

Call for speakers! Planning for the Spring 2020 Self-Publishing Advice Conference, a.k.a. #SelfPubCon, is well underway. We're calling for you to speak at the spring 2020 #selfpubcon. We're ready for your submission, but be quick, just two weeks left before the #selfpubcon submission window closes on the 30th November.
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15Nov 19
Copyright For Indie Authors

Copyright for Indie Authors

Copyright can be a confusing tricky little beast, especially if you're a non-fiction writer. But even fiction authors can come a cropper. Images, quotes, even brand names all have copyright associated to them. ALLi partner member Tim McConnehey, founder of IzzardInk is here to tease out the ins and outs of copyright for indie authors.
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