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25Jun 12

Self-Publishers Promote Each Other

We've been having a debate about self-promotion on our Alliance of Independent Authors' member-only Facebook group.  And one of our members, Richard Bunning, came up with a great idea to…

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11Jun 12

Famous Self-Publishers

Though it took technology to spread it to the masses, self-publishing has a long and distinguished history, as this anecdote from Alison Baverstock's book The Naked Author: A Guide To Self…

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07Jun 12
What Is An Indie Author?

What Is An Indie Author?

We're 'indies', right? Indie authors? Most of us have embraced the term and have some idea what we mean by the concept. But there's a lot of confusion out there,…

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06Jun 12

ePublishing Press Release from Kobo

Kobo announced at BEA (Book Expo America) that its self-publishing platform is finally about to be released. This will be an epub platform and it's good news for indie authors.…

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