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I run a monthly online workshop for a small group of publishing patrons. This month, it's time for our big annual review of 2022.

If I asked whether you have a couple of hours free at the end of the month, you’d probably say no. But could you carve out two hours for something you really care about—your books and your readers?

At 5pm (UK) on Friday 25th November, I’ll be meeting with a small group of my Publishing for Profit Patrons for a guided review of the past year, with a theme of What’s working, What’s not?

As indie authors, it’s always hard to hit pause and take time to reflect. There’s always something that feels more urgent. Yet if you keep on doing the same old thing, you’ll get the same old results. It makes a lot more sense to stop, take a deep look, and work out where the breaks are.

I’ll bring you through a workbook that will show what's been working for you this year, what’s holding you back, how to make the most of these last few weeks of the year, and the overall shape of the year to come. We’ll talk about tools that make things easier and you’ll establish the number one thing you should be focussing on, right now.

You’ll also give yourself credit for what did go well… and work out how to do more of that.

So often we frame intentions and set goals and then don’t stick to them, or we fail to evaluate them, or things change, or we forget. The year-end review helps you recognize how far you’ve come, as well as what now needs the most attention.

Small Private Sessions

  • These workshops are for current paid-up Publishing for Profit Patrons. The workshop is provided as part of a suite of benefits (see below), and managed through Patreon
  • This is a paid program ($25 + any sales tax charged where you live).
  • The aim of this program is to empower indie authors and poets to plan a profitable publishing business.
  • These are not large webinars to hundreds or thousands of attendees but small-group, guided workshops. Places are limited so that you receive personal attention and feedback on your current project and your writing and publishing process, during the workshop, and during the month on Patreon and Facebook.

How to Register

Registration each month is on a first-come, first-served basis. Previous attendees who have allowed their membership to roll over get first place.

  • If there are places left, they go to the first people to sign up in response to this email: If not already registered, click here to register (places permitting)
  • Payment ($25 + any sales tax charged where you live covers you for a live workshop this month, PLUS all previous workshops in replay, PLUS materials, resources and planners, PLUS a Facebook Accountability Group.
  • If you wish to attend again next month, as an existing member you'll get first preference for a place. To attend again, you don't have to do anything, just let your patreon membership roll.
  • If you don't wish to attend next month, just cancel your membership after the workshop.
  • Patreon deducts fees on the day you register and thereafter on the first day of each month.
  • If you're not successful in getting a place this time, let Kayleigh know at [email protected]. You'll go onto a waiting list and will be informed when more places become available in the coming months.

Once registered, you'll be provided with full details of how to prepare for and attend the workshop and how to download your resources.

Planning for Profit Patrons: Benefits

  • Live workshop: A workshop on a key publishing or author business topic each month.
  • Workshop archive: All previous workshops recorded
  • Achievability: Your creative month mapped out with realistic, time-based intentions and tasks
  • Accountability: A Facebook group where we map intentions and log accomplishments weekly
  • Resources: Downloadable PDFs of intention maps, accomplishment logs, and other Go Creative! worksheets, tools and planners
  • Replay videos so you can refer back any time
  • Your questions answered one-to-one

Click here to register for this month's workshop if not already registered (places permitting)

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