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Writing: How to Supplement Your Book Earnings with Freelance Writing

No matter how your books are published, whether self-published or by a traditional publishing company, only a small minority of authors are able to earn their keep simply by writing fiction. While many stick with their day jobs to supplement the income from their books, diversifying into other forms of writing is common – a […]

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019 Dan Holloway

Australian Government’s Proposed Changes to Copyright Law

A few weeks ago, in our regular news column, we mentioned the Australian Productivity Commission’s consultation on proposed revisions to intellectual property law. As the consultation deadline of June 3rd nears, and the realization of exactly what these proposed changes would involve grows, authors concerns are mounting. The removal of parallel importation rights could have a disastrous […]

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Opinion: To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Is Twitter Worthwhile for Self-published Authors?

Award-winning historical novelist Anna Belfrage from Sweden shares the results of her experiment to determine whether Twitter is an effective tool for selling self-published books, and considers whether the return in terms of book sales is worth the time invested. To tweet or not to tweet? Let’s face it. Twitter can be severely restricting for […]

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The poet John Donne (Public Domain,, but for how much longer will poets have a human face?

This Week’s Self-publishing News

You know how sometimes there just seems to be nothing to say? Well this week is definitely not one of those times. Looking at my “list of possible links” (yes, that is a thing, and yes, me telling you it is a thing constitutes, in a way a bona fide “how I do it” top […]

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Head and shoulders photo of Chrissie Parker, indie author

Writing and Self-publishing with Epilepsy

As part of our occasional #WritersWednesday series on writing with particular health conditions, British novelist Chrissie Parker’s describes the challenges of writing with epilepsy. Her positive attitude will inspire authors everywhere. The life of a writer can be very rewarding but it’s also hard. Motivation, a thick skin and determination are all strengths required. I […]

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