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Headshot of Yvonne Hertzberger

Writing Magical Realism

Freedom to write in the genre of your choice, and to swap and to blend genres, is one of the many advantages of being an indie author. You can write what you want to write, and worry about the genre later – and even invent one of your own, if your work doesn’t neatly fit […]

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Headshot of Samantha Warren

Writing: Why Now’s A Good Time to Self-Publish Serial Fiction

American self-published fantasy novelist Samantha Warren draws our attention to the growing market and potential success of serial fiction, drawing on her own experience as the author of a best-selling ten-part sequence of novellas about vampires. The Penny Dreadful Gets a New Skin  Ce-re-al [seer-ee-uh l]: any plant of the gra… Se-ri-al [seer-ee-uh l]: anything […]

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