Tom Evans


Beating Blocks and Fostering Flow

Format: Video

Writer’s block is a symptom that a deeper blockage and malaise is in operation, which can continue when it comes to marketing ours book. In this presentation Tom Evans gives some advice and tips on how to get control of Writer’s Block and be more productive.


Learn techniques to help you overcome writer’s block.


Tom Evans is an author, author’s mentor and meditation teacher specialising in practical applications of mindfulness. He is an ex-BBC TV engineer who was fascinated by the magic of television. These days he’s fascinated by the magic of the mind. He knows how to tap into the creative muse and what stops us from doing so

 As an engineer, he loves exploring how we can use the meditative state to generate real world outcomes. He’s the creator of Living Timefully, the world’s first time management programme based on mindfulness techniques. He also hosts a popular podcast called The Zone Show which explores how we get in and stay in that magical space where creativity blossoms.


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Twitter: @thebookwright

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packageOfMedsADHD_666Tom is giving away a free copy of his course How to Quieten your Mind.

Sometimes our inner dialogue can be our own worst enemy and cause us to harbour thoughts of anger, regret, guilt and lack of self worth. Such thoughts are illusory and do not exist outside our heads.

These visualisations are designed to get our inner chatter, or Monkey Mind, to quieten down. Not only is this a relaxing thing to do but it is great for improving our vitality, creativity and productivity. With a little practice, we can enter the meditative state with our eyes open and when this happens, all sorts of magic will come into your life.

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