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Opinion: Why Indie Authors Need Literary Agents too

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It’s not only big name, traditionally published authors who need a Literary Agent. In this blog post Toby Mundy, of Toby Mundy Associates, explains why Indie Authors need an agent just as much.


Toby Mundy is the founder of Toby Mundy Associates (TMA), an author management company that helps writers build careers, maximise income and plan for the future. It also helps organisations license their brands and intellectual property.

Toby Mundy is an active member of the steering committee of the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction; a Trustee of Wimbledon BookFest; a member of the advisory board of the think tank Demos; and am Ambassador for networking company, Editorial Intelligence. For five years he sat on the International Advisory Board of the think tank The Legatum Institute. He has appeared regularly on the Evening Standard’s list of London’s ‘1,000 Most Influential People’.


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