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Ricardo Fayet Indie Author Fringe

What Can an Editor Do for Me? Panel Discussion

Format: Video with Roz Morris, Andrew Lowe, Laxmi Hariharan and Ricardo Fayet

Editors are the secret, unsung nurturers of the book world. What do they do? How do they work with authors? How do you choose a good one? Do authors even need them? This and many more insights into the editing world in a lively discussion. Do join us.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is an editor does, and what an editor can do to transform your work, then this session is for you. Chaired by experienced editor Roz Morris, together with Andrew Lowe, Ricardo Fayet, and Laxmi Harahan, this session will lift the lid on the editing process, warts and all.



Ricardo Fayet is a co-founder of Reedsy, an online marketplace connecting authors with the best editorial, design, marketing and translation talent. A technology and startup enthusiast, he likes to imagine how small players will build the future of publishing. He also blogs about writing, book design, and in-depth marketing on the Reedsy blog.


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