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vorschau-pk-ralph-mo%cc%88llers-fabian-brandt-squareBook2Look: What is it? And how does it work for self-published Authors?

Format: Group Discussion

Target Audience: All Levels

German publisher Ralph Möllers devised the Book2Look widget, which offers samples from your book side-by-side with social links, to be a “viral marketing tool for books” in the German, English and Spanish-speaking worlds. Together with Karen Inglis, a children’s author who has been road testing the tool, and Beth Kallman Werner Founder and President of Author Connections, and US agent for Book2Look, he discusses its value for self-publishers. The panel also addresses the wider challenges of book discovery for indie authors.


Learn to use the professional book2look widget and its detailed analytics for your book marketing.


Born in Northern Germany in 1956 Ralph Möllers went to school and University in Germany. He holds degrees in German Literatur and Theology  In an amazing turn of his biography Möllers started working in the publishing industry in 1986 by accepting a position as editor at a computer book publisher in Munich, Germany. His work has ever since bridged the gap between literature, the humanities and technology.

In 1987 Ralph Möllers founded, together with his wife Iris Bellinghausen, the very successful book and software house Systhema.

In cooperation with The Voyager Company, New York, Systhema was the first fully fledged CD-ROM/Multimedia digital publisher in Germany.

After several international bestselling titles, among other the CD-ROM version of “Sophie’s World” Ralph Möllers and Iris Bellinghausen founded Möllers & Bellinghausen Publishing which has been operating under various imprints like Terzio, Quartino, Quinto (you see the pattern) and book2look.

Terzio published the bestselling edutainment software “Löwenzahn” that sold 4.5 Mio copies Germany. Also under the Terzio imprint Möllers and his team have developed the children’s musical series “Ritter Rost “ (Rusty Knight). The books with music CDs are now also a very popular TV series and two feature 3D movies.

Book2look is an online marketing tool that Möllers & Bellinghausen has developed in a joint venture with the Mumbai based WITS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. and that is now internationally distributed by Nielsen Book Data and other distributing partners. Today publishers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, USA are using the book2look platform to provide their retail partners, the media and bloggers as well as their authors with state of the art book widgets.

Recently Möllers has been involved in the development of a Social Reading platform,

Ralph Möllers lives with his wife Iris Bellinghausen in Munich, Germany and in Sardinia


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