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Paula Wynne10 Book Marketing Steps To A Bestselling Book

Format: Video

Target Audience: All Levels

In this one-hour presentation, award winning online entrepreneur and author Paula Wynne will show you how to build your reading list to sell books and get onto the Amazon paid bestseller charts.

Although the book marketing world is a maze that is hard to work out for new and established authors, certain activities are vital to build a reader mailing list. That reader mailing list then comes into play to have your book in front of readers.

In this one hour presentation, Paula will show you:

  • How to use paid adverts in your book marketing campaigns
  • What free activities will build your mailing list
  • How to connect with other authors in your genre to increase your list
  • How to explode your mailing list and get readers to buy your book
  • How to get reviews ~ both manually and automated
  • How to use the reviews in your book marketing
  • How to use Book Giveaways to get signed up readers
  • How to cross promote with other authors to sell your books
  • What are Newsletter Swaps and how you can leverage genre authors to sell books

Whether you’re a new author just starting out or if you’ve been published for a while and still haven’t cracked the bestseller charts, it’s vital to learn how book marketing activities, both free and paid, can build your reader list and sell your books.


  • Choose paid or free book promotions
  • Why connecting with other authors is vital
  • Why you NEED to build a reader list FAST
  • How reviews will get your book into the bestselling list
  • Why Book Giveaways encourage readers to sign up to your lists
  • How to use Newsletter Swaps to kick start your plan


Use Paula’s Immediate to 3 Month Action Plan

  • What you can do immediately after this session
  • Line up certain activities in the next few days
  • Start planning how to build your readers list over the next month
  • Long term planning with a 3 month action plan


Paula’s initial career was as an award-winning publicist, marketer and freelance writer. When Paula and her husband, Ken Sheridan, moved to Guadalhorce Valley in Andalusia, Spain, the view from her new home took her breath away and gave birth to the fictional location for The Grotto’s Secret, her first novel. Paula applied all her experience and marketing skills to the novel, which became a bestseller.

As well as working on the next title in her fiction series, Paula now focuses her expertise on helping other authors to be successful. She created a “Book Hub” which is a website giving authors a variety of list building activities. With this and her various book promotions, Paula has helped hundreds of authors get the word out about their books.

Paula’s also written a series of Writers’ Resource Guides: Pimp My Fiction, 101 Writers’ Scene Settings and A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks. Paula’s two business books are: Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site.  Her latest books are: Booking Marketing for Authors, Book Promotion for Authors, Email Marketing for Authors and Book Selling for Authors, all of which fall into the ‘Authors’ Book Marketing Series’.



Facebook: Facebook/paula.wynne

Twitter: @paulawynne

Pinterest: paulagracewynne


Every author will walk away with a free copy of Paula’s book ‘Book Selling for Authors’. On top of that, one author will win one of each of Book Hub’s most popular book marketing services:

  • Book Hub Gold Membership:
    7 book marketing activities rolled into one Gold Membership, ideally suited to authors building their reader mailing lists with lots of list building activities such as review requests, first chapters, free book promos and newsletter swaps!
  • Book Hub Silver Member:
    Includes monthly review requests, first chapters and reader magnet promo. Find out more about a Book Hub Silver Membership.
  • Book Hub Bronze Membership:
    Includes monthly review requests and first chapters promotions. Find out more about a Book Hub Bronze Membership.
  • Exclusive Book Giveaway:
    We will run an Exclusive Giveaway is focused on your books, series, boxset or reader related prize, ideal for book launch ARCs to get reviews, generate buzz and boost your mailing list. Ideal for new authors with small lists or busy self-publishing authors who want a ‘you-do-it-all’ service!
  • Book Offers Mailer:
    Have your book featured in Book Hub’s Readers News, you can link to Amazon or a free book on your site to capture emails!
  • Author Book Marketing Series:
    One author will win a full set of Paula’s Author’s Book Marketing Series.


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