Orna Ross

Orna Ross Headshot Black and WhiteCreate More, Create Better

Format: Video

Audience: All Levels

Orna Ross, Director of ALLi, shares the core principles of a creative mindset and her favorite creative tools. The aim of this session is to show you how to cultivate the create state, understand your own creative psychology and empower you to write and publish more, faster and better.


Orna Ross is a best-selling and award-winning indie author and an international speaker. She writes novels, poetry and non-fiction books and blogs and runs the Alliance of Independent Authors and The Creativist Club. Born and raised in Ireland, since 2010 Orna has lived in London and now also in St Leonard’s on Sea.


Facebook: OrnaRossAuthor/

Twitter: @ornaross


The Creativist Club Orna RossOrna is offering one free membership to her Creativist Club. This club is not just for writers or creatives but for anyone who wants to consciously create anything.

Everything you need to catch your own creative flow and allow it to take you, effortlessly and imaginatively, through the seven stages of the process, from creative intention (Stage 1) to completion (Stage 7).

The creative way is different. More fluid, more graceful, more self-loving. If you’ve been struggling with conventional productivity and motivation methods, is it time for you to go creative?

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