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How To Sell Your Books Without Selling Your Soul

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So many authors complain about marketing, seeing it as conflicting with their creative work. In this session Orna Ross argues that this is a misunderstanding and that book marketing is just another form of communication with potential readers. The key to creative marketing is to align the words inside the book(s) with the messages you’re sending out to the world. This session guides you through, by going deeply into your motivations for writing and applying the same seven stages of the creative process you go through in writing your books to your marketing and promotion.


Orna Ross is Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors. She writes novels, poems in the Irish and haiku traditions and is about to launch a series of books about conscious creation and creative living. The Bookseller has named her one of the “Top 100 People in Publishing”, an award that acknowledges ALLi’s amazingly dedicated team and super-talented members.


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How authors create money and meaning by Orna Ross - book coverOrna is currently working on a new book, “How Authors Create Money and Meaning: A Workbook”, and will be giving away a free ebook copy. This book looks at the opportunities and challenges for writers today in a rapidly transforming publishing landscape, where digital opportunities are changing everything we thought we knew about books. Filled with facts about contemporary writing and publishing, this book also offers creative and practical insights and instruction in how today’s authors can make a living — and a life — from writing.

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