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Paid Advertising: Is It Right For Your Book?

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Mark Dawson is the Alliance of Independent Authors’s guest for the monthly Member Q&A this month. Listen in as Mark, the leading author expert on paid advertising, answers ALLi members’ most pressing questions about Facebook, Twitter and, especially, Amazon ads for authors.


Mark Dawson was born in Lowestoft, in the UK, and is currently writing two series.

The John Milton books involve a disgruntled British assassin who is trying – without much success – to put his past behind him. The first full length novel in the series, The Cleaner, sees Milton struggle to adapt to life amongst the gangs of East London during the riots of the summer of 2012. The Cleaner, and the other books in the series, have all been best-sellers in their categories at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The Soho Noir books, beginning with The Black Mile and continuing with The Imposter, follow the glitz and glamour of criminal life in London’s West End from the 1940s to the present day. Think of The Sopranos set in Soho and you’ll be on the right track. This series, too, has been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Mark lives in Wiltshire with his wife and two young children, plus a dog and two cats.


Facebook: markdawsonauthor

Twitter: @pbackwriter

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