Leila Dewji

Leila Dewji

Aspiring Authors: Are You Ready to Self-Publish?

Format: Video with Leila Dewji, Britt Pfluger and Ali Dewji

Are you ready to self-publish? Are you sure? There is so much to consider before you publish. Clue yourself up about the self-publishing process and save time and money by getting your ducks in a row before you self-publish. This will ensure you (and your readers) get the most out of the process.

Join us to find out what the whole process entails and what you need to prepare for your project to be a success including:

  • How to establish whether your manuscript is ready to publish.
  • The timeline of the self-publishing process: what needs to be done and in what order.
  • How to research your genre and competition (market, price, cover, format).
  • How to assess your target readership.
  • How to build your author platform ahead of publication.
  • How to formulate a marketing strategy.


Leila Dewji, co-founder and head of production at I_AM Self-Publishing, has worked on hundreds of self-published titles. She is constantly liaising between authors, editors, designers and retailers. She knows just how to successfully manage self-publishing projects.


Facebook: iamselfpub

Twitter: @iamselfpub

Email: [email protected]


You will receive a pre-publication action plan, including checklist, as well as an invitation to a 1:1 self-publishing consultation to go through the specifics of your project.


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