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Reaching All Our Readers: Making Books That Everyone Can Read

Format: Article

With: Katie Webb and Maribel Steel

In a few easy steps you can open up your books to the millions of readers who can’t access texts in conventional formats because they are visually impaired or otherwise ‘print disabled’: in this session, the International Authors Forum tells you how.

There is currently a global ‘famine’ of books that include the features necessary for the millions of blind people to be able to read them, and denying them access to the diversity of books that sighted readers can access. The technology is now in place to solve this famine. The International Authors Forum has produced a set of guidelines for self-publishing authors to make it easy for them to make sure their books can be accessed this audience. Blind author Maribel Steel will tell you what this means to blind readers, and Katie Webb, IAF’s Executive Administrator, will take you on a tour of the guidelines, which are available to download for free.

  • Understand the easy steps you can take to make your books available to the millions of blind, visually impaired and print disabled readers worldwide.
  • Without using any special or additional programmes or equipment other than your ordinary word processer, you will be able format your work so that it can become a fully accessible eBook.
  • With information about each of the major eBook platforms, learn how to make wise choices about the platform you use to publish in order to make sure that the accessibility features are not lost at the stage of conversion to EPUB3.


Katie Webb holds an MA in Medieval English from King’s College London and a diploma in EU, US and UK copyright law. She has worked extensively with British writer and authors’ rights campaigner Maureen Duffy. Since 2012 Katie has coordinated the International Authors Forum, an initiative to ensure authors’ rights and interests are represented worldwide.​




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