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Karen McCannHow to Market & Promote your Memoir

Defining your audience: why it matters and how to use your blog to attract the readers you want

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Target Audience: Beginning Author

How do you gain popular attention for your book in an ever-more-crowded publishing industry? Everyone says you need a blog (and that’s true) but with 150 million blogs online, how do you make sure people will read yours? And then buy your book? As a travel writer, I’ve spent the last five years getting to know about my audience: age range, gender, tastes, anxieties, goals, dreams, luggage issues, whether they want an adventure or a vacation, what kinds of hotels they prefer, how risk-adverse they about eating weird stuff, and a thousand other things.

A lot of my knowledge is anecdotal rather than rooted in quantifiable statistics, but each week their reactions to my post tell me a bit more about who they are and what they’re looking for. And that knowledges helps me constantly hone my message to attract readers, keep readers, and have a reasonable number of them actually go out and buy a book whenever I publish a new one.


I’ll share some techniques for identifying your target audience and then testing those assumptions so you can be sure you have a realistic, useful demographic to work with. You’ll find having the target firmly in mind makes it easier to direct your marketing efforts where they’ll do the most good for the least expenditure of effort and expense.


Author of three bestselling travel books, Karen McCann is an American writer who moved to Seville, Spain in 2004 “for a year” and has been living there ever since. Her travel tips and adventure stories have appeared in Huffington Post, International Living Magazine, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, and Lonely Planet. She’s visited more than 60 countries including developing and post-war nations where she and her husband volunteered as consultants to struggling microenterprises. “Living abroad,” she says, “is the best opportunity to reinvent yourself outside of the witness protection program. You get to hit the reset button on your life.”


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Karen McCann Books Indie Author FringeKaren is offering (2) entrants a choice of one of her ebooks “Dancing in the Fountain” or “Adventures of a Railway Nomad: How our Journey’s Guide us Home”

Dancing in the Fountain

Dancing in the Fountain is “a delightfully well-written true-life adventure story,” says New York Times bestselling author Chris Brady. “McCann’s writing is inviting, immediately charming, and constantly entertaining.” The book chronicles McCann’s adventures moving from the American Midwest to Seville, Spain. “Living abroad is the best opportunity to reinvent yourself outside of the witness protection program,” McCann says. “You get to hit the reset button on your life.”

Adventures of a Railway Nomad: How our Journey’s Guide us Home

One August morning, I walked out of my Seville home taking nothing but a small, roll-aboard bag, a EuRail pass, and my husband. I was traveling with no fixed time limit, no reservations, and only a loose idea of an itinerary. My goal was to see if I could still have the kind of spontaneous adventures I’d enjoyed in my youth. I traveled 6000 miles through 13 countries by train, and the results – often hilarious, occasionally harrowing, definitely life-changing – form the basis of my new book, Adventures of a Railway Nomad: How Our Journeys Guide Us Home.

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