Joni Rodgers

joni-rodgers-bwStory Structure & Strategy in Writing and Marketing

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, mom and daughter ghostwriting and editing team, Joni & Jerusha Rodger, explain how story works … in your books and in the words you write around them.

Format: Audio

With Jerusha Rodger


Joni Rodgers was born into a family gospel/ bluegrass band, and she grew up on stage, opening for huge-haired, sequin-bedazzled country-western legends of the 1960s.

In 2011 Joni started her own indie e-press, Stella Link Books, to publish a 10th Anniversary Ebook Edition of BLBH (foreword by the fabulous Elizabeth Berg!), her backlist books, new novels, and whatever else she felt like publishing on her own label. She still ghostwrites for Big 5 publishers, but is addicted to the creative freedom she has as an Indie, and loves assisting other talented indies who are as zealous as she about the art and craft of writing. It’s a thrilling time to be in the book business.


Facebook: Joni.Rodgers

Twitter: @jonirodgers

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