Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt

Johnny B Truant and Sean PlattWrite Better Stories, Faster

Writing a bestselling book doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

 After publishing over a hundred books across several genres, the bestselling authors of the Sterling & Stone Story Studio have developed a process for every new book they write, and they’re ready to share it with you. 

Format: Pre-recorded Video


Attendees will learn how a little bit of preparation and planning can help them write a better story in less time, even if they’re a pantser.


Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant are the founders of Sterling & Stone, an independent publishing company with eight imprints in various genres. Both Sean and Johnny write for many (or all) of the imprints.

Together, they have written more than 5 million words in the last 4 years in virtually every genre. They write under five pen names, in addition to the books each writes in his own name, both fiction and non-fiction. In June 2014, the two wrote a full book from idea to publication, live in 30 days in front of thousands of people.

Not only are Sean and Johnny the writers behind such best-selling series as Invasion and Yesterday’s Gone, with third co-writer David Wright, they also host the popular Self-Publishing Podcast (as well as many other podcasts). They get emails literally every single day from readers who love their fiction and writers who credit them with changing the way they approach their business and even changing their lives.


Facebook: selfpublishingpodcast

Twitter: @sterling_stone

StoryShop subscription free 12 months for Indie Author Fringe winnerJohnny and Sean are offering a 12-month subscription to their new StoryShop story planning software (a $120 value)

We’re bringing you StoryShop because there no apps that fully encompass the planning stage. This app will help you:

  • Level up your story organization
  • Make outlining and story planning fun
  • Create your series bible
  • Get the perfect tools to make your story addictive
  • Define the interconnection between people, places, and things within your story
  • Save tons of time during pre-production

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