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Joe CawleyHow to Market and Promote your Memoir: The benefits of Collaboration

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The benefit of Collaboration: Cross-promoting with other authors.

Piggy-back promotions with other similar authors come in several shapes and forms. Find out how to make the most of this (near) passive promotion method to boost your sales and exposure.


Win-win ways to sell more books by collaborating with other authors.

Why author collaboration provides so much more than just book boosts.


Joe Cawley is an award-winning author, travel writer and copywriter. His More Ketchup than Salsa duology has been downloaded over 200k times. Joe’s travel writing has appeared in most of the UK’s national newspapers, including The Sunday Times, Telegraph, New York Post and Taipei Times. Joe spends most of his time in the hills of Tenerife with his family and an assortment of other wildlife. The goats are no relation, despite local rumours.


Facebook: @JoeCawley

Twitter: @theWorldofJoe

Email: [email protected]


Joe Cawley is giving away an ebook copy of his hilarious travel memoir, More Ketchup than Salsa, a ‘Best Travel Narrative of the Year’ award-winner (British Guild of Travel Writers).

Readers have said;

‘Fantastic, hilarious, painful and completely un-put-downable. Probably the best book I’ve read this millenium.’

‘By far the best book I have read in years.’

‘Joe’s travel writing is in itself of a very high standard – descriptive, funny, observant.’

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