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jerusha-rodgers-bwStory Structure & Strategy in Writing and Marketing

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, mom and daughter ghostwriting and editing team, Joni & Jerusha Rodger, explain how story works … in your books and in the words you write around them

Format: Audio


When she was a kid, Jerusha Rodgers passed time on airplanes diagramming sentences. For fun. Now she’s a freelance editor who’s worked on book projects at big trade publishers (including Random House, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, and HarperCollins), small literary presses (such as Unbridled Books) and on proposals with literary agents at William Morris Endeavor and Dupree-Miller.

She was sucked into the New York publishing arena during high school, working as assistant to her Mom, Joni Rodgers, and participated in a number of high profile book projects and proposals while earning her English degree at Sam Houston State. Jerusha served as design editor of Chimera Literary Magazine, a contributing reporter to the campus newspaper, and SHSU Supreme Court media relations ed responsible for providing the written opinion of The Court. Meanwhile, she provided a series on American Poets Laureate for Boxing the Octopus and interned (post-grad) as The League of Extraordinary Authors’ Social Media Coordinator, blogging, proofreading, platforming, and consulting. And scuba diving.

Since she started freelancing Jerusha has worked with authors, publishers, and literary agents on projects in a variety of sizes, formats, and genres. She slaps Oxford commas out of manuscripts, consults on and doctors book proposals, typo-purges white papers, grammar-whips web copy, and go all Inquisition on heretical indie publishing projects. 


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Twitter: @TheRabid_Badger

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