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Jay Artale Bio PicBack to Basics: Priorities for New Authors

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In this session, authors will learn how to identify their priorities and focus on getting their book to market by putting the nice-to-haves on the back burner. Aimed at new indie authors fearful of drowning in information overload, Jay Artale shares the three critical elements needed to self-publish.

Self-publishing can be overwhelming. Not just for newbie authors, but for established authors as well. The problem is that self-publishing isn’t a static industry, it’s in constant flux and motion, and if you take your eye off the ball, just for a moment, the playing field and rules of the game changes. Another challenge is that there’s more than one path to market. 


Jay is a project manager specialising in content marketing and social media strategy. She is a social mentor at WoMentoring, and is the communications manager at the Alliance of Independent Authors, as well as being one of the co-organisers of the Indie Author Fringe.

As an author-publisher, Jay has self-published her own Travel Guide series, and is currently drafting a 4-part series about “How to Write a Travel Guide” aimed at travel bloggers who want to turn their travel passions and blogs into e-books. She is also working with Orna Ross, from the Alliance of Independent authors, on a PDF series aimed at newbie authors, to help them find the simplest path without getting overwhelmed.


Twitter: @jayartale

Pinterest: jayartale


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Jay is giveaway away a Pinterest for Authors Evaluation and Strategic Action Plan for launching (or reigniting) your Pinterest account. With Jay’s input, you will learn how to build your author brand with pins and boards.

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