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Jack ScottHow to Market and Promote your Memoir: Using Your Blog to Promote Your Book

Format: Video

Target Audience: Beginning Author

A blog can be an effective vehicle for promoting your book as long as you do it lightly and imaginatively. And you may think once a blog post is read it’s dead. Not so. Your wise words can be recycled in innovative ways. Jack will share some of the tricks of the trade.


By sharing his top tips, authors will learn how a blog and its content can make effective book promotion tools.


Jack Scott was born on a British army base in Canterbury, England in 1960 and spent part of his childhood in Malaysia as a ‘forces brat.’ At the age of eighteen and determined to dodge further education, Jack became a shop boy on Chelsea’s trendy King’s Road. After two carefree years, Jack swapped sales for security and got a proper job with a pension attached. By his late forties, passionately dissatisfied with suburban life and middle management, he and husband, Liam, abandoned the sanctuary of liberal London for an uncertain future in Turkey.

Six months in, and bored with the glorious Aegean sunsets, Jack started a blog to chronicle their exploits with the mad, the sad, the bad and the glad in a blog. Then came the book, a critically acclaimed best seller. Its success opened out a whole new career for Jack as a writer, author and publisher. In Jack and Liam ended their Anatolian affair and paddled back to Britain on the evening tide, washing up in Norwich, a surprising city in eastern England.


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Jack is giving away an e-book edition (Kindle or ePUB) of his memoir – Turkey Street, Jack and Liam move to Turkey.

Turkey Street, the sequel to Jack Scott’s award-winning and best-selling debut book, Perking the Pansies, ties up the fraying loose ends to bring Jack and Liam’s Anatolian adventure to its surprising finale.

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