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ian_sutherland-bwTwitter: Could Indie Publishing Survive without It?

Format: Video with Laurence O’Bryan

Twitter provides a real support service for indie authors.

It is also among the most challenging tools a writer can use. It’s apparently simple, but requires considerable planning to get the most out of it.

The key areas I will be discussing :

1. How the Twitter feed is changing and how writers can respond

2. #Imaginative uses for Twitter

3. How Twitter is the link that can bind all the other platforms

4. How to pursue viral campaigns with Twitter

Indies and Twitter are locked in a beneficial embrace. This session will help you get the most from your time there.


With over 140,000 followers on Twitter, Ian has figured out how to make Twitter power his book marketing strategies. His strategies are proven to work equally well for fiction (@iansuth) or non-fiction (@ianhsuth).

As a published author, Ian fell into the trap that many authors find themselves in: the need to be active and visible on social media even though doing so takes massive chunks out of the valuable writing day. He cried out for a way to be more effective on social media yet spend much less time doing it.

Ian turned to his deep technology background, and decided to invest time in researching, developing and refining the techniques now revealed in his book Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors.

The end result is an approach that meets the specific needs of authors, whose time is very precious, but who want to benefit from the incredible power and reach of Twitter to sell more books.


Facebook: ihsutherland

Twitter: @ianhsuth

Email: [email protected]


Advanced Twitter Strategies for AuthorsIan is giving away a copy of his popular book “Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors” which reveals how to effectively exploit Twitter to market your books and systematically drive thousands of potential purchasers to your works on Amazon and other retailers.


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