Gabriel Mercer

Gabriel MercerHow To Reach More Readers And Make More Money From Your Books

Format: Audio – with Joanna Penn and Adam Croft

An audio session from the London Book Fair Author HQ. Joanna Penn focuses on how to think about each book as a potential for multiple streams of income, as you write and produce it. Gabriel tells how to track what is working and what’s not, so as to choose publishing options that take most advantage of expanding global opportunities for your book(s). And Adam Croft explains how developing a business mindset enabled him to become one of the biggest-selling self-published novelists in the world.


Gabriel Mercer is a digital marketer, business consultant, and private equity investor that left a career in tech startups to work with storytellers. In the last 4 years, he has helped more than a dozen authors make a living with their commercial fiction. He specializes in digitalĀ solutionsĀ for writers that want to grow their audience, streamline their marketing, and automate their platform.


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