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Derek Murphy headshotHow to build your Author email list with giveaways and content marketing

Format: Video

Target Audience: All Levels

Derek Murphy built his email list of 8500+ young adult readers before he published his first novel; since then he’s continued using book giveaways and targeted Facebook ads to reach new readers and grow his list to over 35K.

Along with content marketing strategies that let him reach readers with organic traffic, he’s been able to go from zero to over $8000 a month in book sales (with very little marketing or adspend). These are techniques that work – but few authors are using them well.


In this presentation Derek will lay out his entire strategy, along with the tools and resources he used, to build lists of eager fans that actually want to buy more books.


Derek Murphy is a book designer turned top 100 Amazon bestselling author with a Ph.D. in Literature. In 2016 he rented a castle for Nanowrimo and got featured on CNN. He helps authors publish and market books at


Facebook: Facebook/

Twitter: @


I’ve been working on a *new* giveaway app for authors and am including it with a listbuilding course that will help you engage your readers. I’ll give away 5 free copies.

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