David Penny


The Fundamentals of Facebook and Amazon Ads

Format: Video

Learning Level: All Levels

Many authors are fascinated by Facebook and Amazon Ads, but afraid of what they might cost. David Penny has experienced some success with both and uses his learnings to help you decide if these are right for you or not.


David Penny was first published at the age of 24, with four novels and several short stories appearing during the 1970’s. Near-starvation led him down the slippery slope of work, which distracted him from his true calling. He has now returned to writing and the first three books in his Moorish mystery series, The Red Hill, Breaker of Bones, The Sin Eater and The Incubus are currently available.


Facebook: davidpennyauthor

Twitter: @davidpenny_

Pinterest: davidpenny739

Speaker Giveaway

David Penny Giveaway for BookExpo Indie Author FringeDavid is giving away 6 free Audiobooks of either The Red Hill or Breaker of Bones (US or UK Audible free codes).

The Red Hill is the first book in the Thomas Berrington saga, a series of historical thrillers set in the final years of Moorish Spain. If you like breakneck pacing, medieval murder mysteries, and complex characters, then you’ll love David Penny’s political and cultural thriller.

Breaker of Bones is the stunning continuation of the Thomas Berrington saga set in the final years of Moorish al-Andalus.

Read more about David’s books on his Amazon Author Page.

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