Dan Wood

How To Use Your Distributor to Market Your Books

dan-wood-cutout-600-bwThere are various opportunities to merchandise your books through Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook and other ebook distributors. Draft2Digital’s Dan Wood explains the different requirements of each of the major vendors and how to give your book the best chance of landing one of those coveted spots.

Format: Video


  • Better understanding of the different digital bookstores
  • Knowledge of the varying promotional opportunities at the retailers
  • Best practices for optimizing your books for merchandising
  • How networking can improve your odds


Dan Wood is the Director of Operations and Author Relations at Draft2Digital. Prior to this he spent many years as a technology advisor in the energy industry and served two years as an AmeriCorps Vista volunteer. Draft2Digital gives over 23,000 authors simple tools to format and publish their ebooks to digital stores worldwide. Founded in 2012, Draft2Digital gained wide acclaim for their premier customer service, rapid sales reporting, and monthly royalty payments. Authors keep their rights and keep writing. Draft2Digital helps with the rest.


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