Amie McCracken

Amie McCrackenThe Six-Month Book: From concept to first draft completion

Format: Audio Recorded Live at BookExpo America

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, editor, book designer and indie author Amie McCracken outlines how to get your first draft down in six months.

Imagine yourself looking smugly at a big sheaf of paper on your desk. It’s six months from now, and that’s your finished draft. Learn how to get there using a simple plan and motivation techniques.


With some serious planning, a plot, exploring your personal writing habits, and focusing on goals, you can write a book in six months. It doesn’t have to be a painful process, as long as you prepare.


Amie McCracken is a freelance editor and book designer interested in all things self-publishing, living in Detroit with her family and ready to take on the next big adventure life throws her way. She’s a voracious reader. Her calling in life is editing. She’s ambitious and strong, but shy and likes to sit in the background. The world calls to her, and she carries with her a laptop, camera, and a lot of ideas floating around in her head. They tend to take over (the ideas), and most of the time you’ll catch her staring off into space.


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