Ali Cross

ALi Cross Indie ReCon Founder

Spotting Trends in Children’s Publishing 2016

Format: Article

Ali Cross, an expert in writing for the Young Adult audience, discusses the current state and future of the YA market.


Ali Cross grew up watching Bruce Lee movies and dreamed of being a kick-butt martial artist like Cynthia Rothrock. Well, she never became the kind of ninja she envisioned, but she does hold a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin’ husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, one sumo dog and four zen turtles. And a cache of nunchucks, staffs, kamas and other dangerous ninja-weapons.

Ali is the author of angsty young adult fantasies and moonlights as Alex Banks where she writes wild middle grade adventures. She is also the founder of Novel Ninjutsu, a popular book packaging and branding company.


Facebook: authoralicross

Twitter: @ali_cross


Novel Ninja Ali CrossAli is offering a free book format, including print and digitals with custom design. That’s a $250 value.

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