Self-publishing Role Models for 2018

graphic of ALLi local and people celebratingNo matter what genre we write it, indie authors can always learn from each other, so it’s been a pleasure to share on the blog this year the self-publishing success stories of the authors whose exclusive interviews with us are listed below.¬†Each of these interviews consists of the same nine questions, and it’s fascinating to see their different answers each time – and their frequent agreement on certain issues too.

We also share other kinds of success stories on the blog. such as an award win or a particular breakthrough that chimes with one of our campaigns. So in 2019, do take a moment each Sunday to check out our blog for a bit of fresh inspiration to fire you up for the week ahead.

In the meantime, enjoy gleaning top tips and ideas from these self-publishing superstars of 2018 – and a happy new writing year to you all!

Children’s & YA

Self-publishing Success Stories: Karen Inglis & The Secret Lake


Self-publishing Success Story: Connie Suttle, Fantasy Writer

Self-publishing Success Story: Charlie Lamb, Engineer Turned Indie Author

Historical Fiction

Self-publishing Success Story: Carol M Cram, Historical Novelist

Self-Publishing Success Story: Kathyrn Gauci

Meet Laura Morelli, Self-publishing Success Story

Self-publishing Success Stories: Anna Belfrage, Historical Novelist

Literary Fiction>

Mystery & Thriller

Sunday Self-publishing Success Story: Celina Grace, Mystery & Thriller Writer

Self-publishing Success Story: Elizabeth Spann Craig, Cozy Mystery Author

Self-publishing Success Story: Sara Rosett, Mystery Writer

Self-publishing Success Story – Edie Claire

Self-publishing Success Story: Morgana Best

Self-publishing Success Stories: Seeley James

Self-publishing Success: Lynn Florkiewicz, Indie Author of Cozy Mystery Novels

Self-Publishing Success Story: Adam Nicholls, Thriller Writer

Self-publishing Success Stories: Joseph Malik

Sunday Success Stories: Rachel Amphlett, Thriller Writer

Self-publishing Success Stories: Clare Flynn, Historical Novelist


Self-publishing Success Stories: Bryan Cohen – Indie Author, Podcaster, Coach


Sunday Self-publishing Success Story: Eve Langlais, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Hot Romance

Sunday Self-publishing Success Story: Nicole Burnham, Award-winning Romance Writer

Self-Publishing Success Story: Fenella Miller

Self-publishing Success: Harper Bliss

Multiple Genres

Self-publishing Success Story: Ann Brady, Author of Fiction and Factual Writing

Self-Publishing Success Story: Barry Hutchison

Self-publishing Success Story: Giacomo Giammatteo, Indie Author of 70 Books

Self-publishing Success Stories: Richard G Lowe Jr

Self-publishing Success Stories: Jane Steen

Self-publishing Success: Lesley Tither

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