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12Jun 19
How Indie Authors Set Paperback Prices

How Indie Authors Set Paperback Prices

Recently on the closed ALLi Member Facebook Forum there've been a couple of active comment threads with questions about how indie authors set paperback prices. Here's a compilation of the responses so you can see for yourself what some of the options are for pricing your own books. 
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10Jun 19
Why Do An Indie Author Blog Tour

Why Do an Indie Author Blog Tour

In an ever-changing industry, lots of marketing tactics go in and out of fashion more often than I have hot dinners. But sometimes marketing isn't about generating sales, but growing awareness and building an audience. ALLi author member Sue Wickstead explains why you should do an indie author blog tour.
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07Jun 19
How To Organise A Book Signing Event

How to Organise a Book Signing Event

When we first start writing, many of us dream of having a book signing. We also cower at the prospect of having to talk to 'real people.' But for the most part, meeting readers is what we want. Organizing and delivering a book signing day can be daunting. ALLi Author member Eileen Omosa is explains how to organize a book signing.
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06Jun 19
Scan The Market Before Marketing Your Book

Scan the Market Before Marketing Your Book

It’s common to check out competitor books, titles, covers, and prices before we set our own. And that’s a good thing. As ALLi Communications Manager Boni Wagner-Stafford (also of Recommended Partner Member Ingenium Books) tells us in this excerpt adapted from her new book, One Million Readers, it's a good idea to do a thorough market scan before marketing your book. 
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05Jun 19
Organic Facebook Reach For Authors: A Posting Strategy

Organic Facebook Reach for Authors: A Posting Strategy

Facebook pages are a staple of every indie author's marketing box. Whether it's for advertising or organic reach, they've been a vital asset for years. But with an increasingly saturated Facebook feed, the organic reach you're able to get without paying has shrunk to virtually nothing. ALLi author member Maggie Lynch shares her top tips for boosting organic Facebook reach for authors. 
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03Jun 19
The Psychology Of Success For Authors: Do You Secretly Think Self-Publishing Is Second Best?

The Psychology of Success For Authors: Do You Secretly Think Self-Publishing is Second Best?

Is there a psychology of success for indie authors? Recently I found myself, as I often do, at a writers' conference. It was a mixed event, with about half of attendees aspiring to publication and the other half evenly divided between trade-published and self-published authors You can always tell which is which at these get-togethers. The indies are animatedly swapping tips and tools, ideas and insights. The trade-published authors are swapping stories of the latest problem with their agent or publisher.
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