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New Books, Awards, Events And Launches – ALLI Members’ Showcase #127

New Books, Awards, Events and Launches – ALLI Members’ Showcase #127


Every Saturday ALLi will tell the world about our members' latest book launches, news, awards, freebies, workshops and updates on the writing life and take a look at the projects and businesses of our partner members.


#127killWendy Soliman

A Contest to Kill For

Readers of cosy crime mystery; ebook

Competition is rife to win the heats of a reality TV cookery contest.

Everything that Alexi has worked to achieve is in jeopardy when one of the contestants is murdered on set.

Amazon US      Amazon UK

Linda Huber


Publication date: 22nd July on ebook ; paperback will follow in a couple of weeks.

Genre: psychological thriller; suspense

A father’s secret. A mother’s lie. A family mystery

An unexpected phone call – and Nina’s life takes a disturbing twist. Who is John Moore? And how does he know her name?

Nina travels south to see the house she inherited, but sinister letters arrive and she finds herself in the middle of a police investigation. With her identity called into question, Nina uncovers a shocking crime. But what, exactly, happened in the attic room, all those years ago? The answer could lie close to home.

The arrival of her ten-year-old daughter compounds Nina’s problems, but her tormentor strikes before she can react. Searching for the truth about the Moore family puts both Nina and her child into grave danger.

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#127THE CAMEO BROOCH - 2000Julie Day

The Cameo Brooch

Archibald ‘Archie' Simpson runs the local antique shop. He is given a family heirloom of a cameo brooch by his aunt, who later tells him it has magical powers. Then strange things happen. Archie loves a profit, but when the brooch is in the shop and Gabrielle, the lady he fancies arrives, he becomes generous to his customers.

Archie hopes that he can finally give the brooch to Gaby. So, when Gaby appears in the shop, he gives the brooch to her, mumbling his love, and she tells him, ‘About time, too.' The brooch is now with its rightful owner and Archie has got his wish – to be with Gaby, the love of his life.

Amazon US     Smashwords


#127glutenVanessa Hudson-Good

Goodness Me its Gluten Free PASTA wins a Gourmand “Best in the World” Award

People following a gluten free diet & foodies; Print (ebook coming out in August)

Now it couldn't be easier to make your own fresh gluten free pasta at home. With 24 shapes, 18 flavours and 100 recipes, this cookbook teaches you pasta making basics using easy to follow step by step instructions and colour photos.

This fresh pasta is fast and lots of fun to make plus it's full of wholesome low GI, high protein, gluten free goodness! Discover the secrets to traditional Italian pasta making with this award winning cookbook Goodness Me its Gluten Free PASTA today.

Amazon US Amazon UK

#127oxJackie Griffiths

Ox Herding

Indie Authors, readers; ebook, paperback

I'm delighted to say that my philosophical novel, Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage has won The Quagga Prize for Genre Fiction (fantasy).

The Principal Judge is David James, a reputable academic and author of six novels and a collection of short stories; and he had this to say about Ox Herding:

This picaresque novel has its own peculiar charm and the fantasy is in places reminiscent of Pilgrim’s Progress, Piers Plowman and Don Quixote. The purpose is illustrative, rather than realistic; the characters are fixed and symbolic.

We are interested in the journey (the quester is the reader) its variety and strangeness, and the underlying ‘message’ of non-attachment, learning to listen, love and leave alone. A happy ending is naturally grafted on, and the territory ahead – in Jae’s case a career as a masseuse – is glanced at. Altogether, a satisfying and provoking read

Showcase will be taking a summer holiday. Please watch the emails and social media for details.

Author: Karen Lotter

Writer, photographer, workaholic info-junkie, Wordpress fan, blogger, aging geek, toyi-toying optimist, social media trainer, web writer.


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