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Submitted by Anna Sayburn Lane on October 21, 2018

Unlawful Things

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Anna Sayburn Lane’s first novel Unlawful Things, a mystery thriller, is published on 25th October 2018.

When London tour guide Helen Oddfellow meets a historian on the trail of a lost manuscript, she’s intrigued by the mystery – and the man. But the pair are not the only ones desperate to find the missing final play by sixteenth century playwright Christopher Marlowe. What starts as a literary puzzle quickly becomes a quest with deadly consequences.

When Helen realises the play hides an explosive religious secret, she begins to understand how much is at stake. Relying on her quick wits, she battles far-right thugs, eccentric aristocrats and an ancient religious foundation, each with their own motives for getting their hands on the manuscript. There is a price to pay for secret knowledge, but how high is too high?