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The Purple-Bellied Parrot

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‘This’ll pure clear the clooters oot your bahookey flaps!’

Shug: wandering albatross. Abode: no fixed. Age: uncertain. Dependability: dubious.

Everyone needs a lift sometimes — to be transported away to another world. William Fagus’s The Purple-Bellied Parrot does just that. It tells of a creature trapped in the wrong life, and his adventures as he sets off to live the right life — his should-be life.

It begins in the sterile apartment of a city executive with unruly nasal hair, where the Purple-Bellied Parrot cannot even do the very thing he was born to do.

It ends on the shores of a distant land after an epic journey which tests his courage, his ingenuity and the bonds of friendship to the limit.

William Fagus has crafted a rollicking adventure interwoven with themes of friendship, loyalty and survival, but he does more than entertain. Accompanied by an array of unforgettable characters the reader soars above the human world and into the wild. But it is a wildness tainted by human hands.

‘Most folks can do most things if they’ve a mind … you just have to fight the Badhb* between your ears.’
Sar’nt Lofty N. Troggers

This book is for young people 11 to 100 years old.

*Mythical Irish creature that creates fear and confusion among its enemies (pronounced ‘Badub’)

This is a beautiful, moving and funny book, ostensibly for kids, but rather like a good panto, possesses layers likely to tickle adults more … Ultimately, this is a story about the countless acts of love and encouragement from friends and strangers that pave the way to success. In this cynical world, that’s a treasure worth embracing. (Amazon reviewer, Scuffed Red Shoes)

Each page has a facet full of light, that catches the essence of life both ludicrous and sublime. I loved it and I Did laugh out loud and I Did cry! (Amazon reviewer, Dysart)