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Submitted by Rose Donovan on February 5, 2019

The Mystery of Ruby’s Mistletoe

by Admin on February 5, 2019 in

Snowbound at Christmas.

Very cosy.

Until a murderer and a thief appear.

December, 1935.

Ruby and Fina are anticipating a quiet Christmas. But the snowy peace of Quenby College is shattered when the police come looking for Ruby. She and Fina escape to a relative’s plush country home — only to find that Aunt Millie has a few surprises in store …

As the mercury drops, Ruby and Fina are drawn into a web of false identities and half-truths. Why did someone spike the cocktails during the after-dinner jazz? Who stole Aunt Millie’s priceless hatpin collection? Could it be a coincidence that all the house guests were also present on the day when Fina’s father was murdered?

With the police on their tail, and a killer on the loose, the two dressmaking sleuths have to use all their considerable wits to solve Fina’s family tragedy – and bring a little joy back to Christmas.

“Loved this! You get such a great feel for the times and the social atmosphere. And I was completely bewildered right up until the end. This really brought me back to the old Agatha Christie country house mysteries that I loved.” — Goodreads Reviewer

“A house party in the country, the snow is falling and a group of people arrives to enjoy Christmas. What could possibly go wrong? Ruby and Fina are about to find out! Each of the guests has a secret and drugs, spies and theft muddy the waters. A perfect book to snuggle up with on a cold winter day.” — Goodreads Reviewer