cover of Searching for Satu by Alan Brunstrom

Genre: Nordic Noir

Format: eBook and print

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Submitted by Alan Brunstrom on December 30, 2018

Searching for Satu

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In Alan Brunstrom’s new novel, Searching for Satu, Ricky’s mother, Satu, always refused to discuss the trauma that drew a veil across her early life. His search for her past leads him back to their Finnish homeland, which he finds in the throes of a joyful, collective madness as the last of the winter ice melts beneath a sun that never sets. Yet as he uncovers his origins, Ricky finds that the midsummer dream conceals a nightmare; and the price of discovering his mother’s secrets is to confront a dilemma that nobody should ever have to face.

“Recommended very highly indeed… it’s different” (BBC Radio book club)
“It’s like travelling with a personal guide” (reader’s review)