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Submitted by Michael Leese on June 26, 2017

New Thriller: Going Underground

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Murder… kidnapping… human trafficking… life extending bio medicines…

In Michael Leese’s new thriller Going Underground, Scotland Yard detectives forced to admit they are baffled following the disappearance of a massively wealthy philanthropist who seems to have vanished into thin air. This can only be a case for Jonathan Roper. On suspension for misconduct, the autistic detective is called back to duty with the Met’s Special Investigations team. They know they are going to need his unique skills, even if that means putting a few noses out of joint.

Veteran detective Brian Hooley is the one man who believes in him, and that faith is repaid as he starts to make a series of breakthroughs. But as the mystery becomes ever darker, the pair realise that far more than reputations are on the line. With a gang of heavily armed mercenaries on the loose, their very lives are at stake.