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Submitted by Carleton Chinner on November 25, 2018

New Sci-Fi Novel: Plato Crater

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In Carleton Chinner’s new sci-fi novel, the independent European base at Plato Crater is the Earth’s only hope for an end to the Helium-3 crisis if they can’t persuade Yesha Chen, Empress of the Moon, to trade. Every other Earth power will stop at nothing to seize control of the Moon’s lucrative energy supply.

Jonah Barnes would rather have stayed on the Moon with Yesha, the love of his life, than be back on Earth negotiating a Helium-3 deal that might leave him being something other than human.

Yesha thought it was hard to lead a rebellion. Now she must subdue one, but her stolen battle droids have other ideas. To survive, she will need to choose between the man she loves and the woman she must become before it is too late.

“Fast paced and crammed with original ideas, the narrative works its way through the complex web of personal, political and national interests to a mind-blowing conclusion [..] Highly recommended; sci-fi fans in particular will not be disappointed.” – Reader’s Choice