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Submitted by David Woodward on December 27, 2016

New Novel: A Gelato for Phoebe

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In David Woodward’s new novel A Gelato for Phoebe, Matt Dowling used to work every available minute as an insurance investigator. Now, with a broken marriage and early retirement, he lives alone in his quintessential ‘cottage in the country’, becoming progressively more bored.

The arrival of Amanda, a recently widowed single parent at the cottage next door, presents a welcome distraction. Finding her all but penniless, he feels compelled to find the father-in-law who abandoned her husband when the family was quite young.

Using an address book and some old photographs, Matt puts together tantalising fragments of the man’s past, a past involving fast cars and an Italian woman. These leads draw him across London and ultimately to the city of Florence, a meeting with a dangerous family with possible links to the Mafia, and the crossing of swords with a domineering gangster. Matt finds himself caught up in an impossible situation of unexpected romance, conflicting loyalties, and a stirred up past.

Will he be able to find the answers for Amanda and her daughter without putting his own life in danger, or has he left it too late?