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Submitted by Lucy Branch on December 31, 2016

New Mystery Novel from Lucy Branch: Girl In A Golden Cage

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In Lucy Branch’s new mystery novel, Girl in a Golden Cage,┬ámaking decisions is not one of Francesca Milliardo’s strengths, so when something mysterious starts unfolding in her father’s mansion in Milan, it’s no surprise that she’s unsure what to do. Francesca dreams of becoming a star in the contemporary art world, and she has all the right connections, though what should be a summer of fun is turning out to be anything but.

Crippling migraines have always been a burden, but now strange happenings are making her question whether they really are a curse. It’s not the best time to fall for someone, but who can resist a man with wolf eyes? Knowing who to trust is vital when those closest to you are suddenly not all they seem. It’s the time in Francesca’s life to make some hard choices: follow her own path or step into somebody else’s story.

A fast-paced mystery with a hint of supernatural and a dash of romance, Girl in a Golden Cage introduces a new character into the Gold Gift Series.

A dark story full of intrigue, conspiracy theory and art for fans of Dan Brown, Kate Mosse and Scott Mariani.

Reviewers are saying:

“This book combines magical realism, family strife and power plays in one very well written package.”

“An immensely enjoyable and gripping read”

“Worth losing sleep over”

“The book is fast paced and the themes of alchemy and art are interesting and unusual”