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Submitted by I_AM Self-Publishing on February 28, 2017

New Manuscript Assessment Service from I_AM Self-Publishing

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ALLi Partner member I_AM Self-Publishing has just launched a brand new editorial service: Start Strong Manuscript Assessment.

The new service is being offered to ALLi members at half price (£75, usual price £150). Members should log in to the ALLi Membership website and check out the ALLi Deals and Discounts page for more details.

Editorial director Leila Dewji comments: “I’ve worked with hundreds of authors over the years, and they’ve all struggled with the same problem: writing alone in the dark. They get so close to their work that they can’t even see the problem areas any more. That’s why we’ve launched our manuscript assessment service. It will help authors write better books more efficiently.”

The opening chapters of any book need to be the strongest. A casual browser flipping through a few pages in a bookstore or a reader who has downloaded a free ebook sample needs to be hooked. However, authors often take a while to find their flow and get comfortable with their writing, which can mean their opening chapters do not work as hard as they need to.

The Start Strong Manuscript Assessment focuses on the first fifty pages of your manuscript. Send it in to I_AM’s editorial team and get a 6-10 page report, which will cover both broad strokes issues and give specific examples of smaller problems along with solutions of how they can be fixed. This will include but is not limited to:

  • general overview on the merits of the manuscript and who it would appeal to
  • storytelling technique
  • character development (& world building if applicable)
  • showing vs. telling
  • choreography of action
  • pace and dramatic tension
  • physical and setting descriptions
  • tone, language
  • grammar, spelling, sentence structure, tense and formatting
  • textual analysis to highlight any overused words or phrases
  • conclusion and advice including actionable steps you can take to make your manuscript better straight away

Get in touch with Leila on to find out more.