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New Historical Novel: The Green Ribbons

by Admin on June 6, 2016 in ALLi Events

The Green Ribbons

Clare Flynn’s fourth novel, The Green Ribbons, is published both in ebook and paperback.

How far would she go to save her marriage? How far would he go to keep a promise?

1900. Eighteen-year-old Hephzibah Wildman, homeless and destitute after the tragic death of her parents, becomes a governess at Ingleton Hall. Befriending Merritt Nightingale, the local parson, and drawn to the handsome Thomas Egdon, she starts to rebuild her life. When she attracts the unwanted advances of her employer, the country squire Sir Richard Egdon, she makes the first of two desperate decisions. Decisions that will change not only her own life but the lives of those around her.

If you like historical fiction with well-developed characters and a vivid sense of time and place, you’ll love The Green Ribbons.

Genre: Historical

Format: ebook and print


“I was thrilled and entranced with the journey that I found myself on. I felt like I had indeed stepped back in time to a small English village with 1900 morals and views. I loved the rhythm of the story. It allowed me time to savor the revealing of the plot, neither rushing or dragging out the story. A good story teller knows just when to dim the lights and when to turn them up and Clare Flynn is a good story teller.” Amazon reviewer

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