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Submitted by Tracy Baines on February 27, 2017

New Book: “It’s Not about the Food: Battling Through Your Child’s Eating Disorder”

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When Tracy Baines discovered her daughter had an eating disorder she was paralysed with fear. Her first thought that she would lose her daughter, her second that it was all her fault.

Having secured help from the medical profession, she was left in the dark. Her daughter was over eighteen, and so Tracy was not included in her treatment plan. Although she went with her to every clinic appointment, Tracy was totally unaware of what went on behind closed doors. She had to muddle along, trying to support her daughter and help her husband and son understand something that she didn’t understand herself. She soon learned that eating disorders consume the whole family.

She didn’t want her family to fall apart. She didn’t want to fall apart.

In It’s Not about the Food, Tracy describes how she learned by trial and error – and a lot of guess work – to help her daughter on the road to recovery.

The book is part memoir, part self-help guide, for other parents who may be going through the same situation. It is an honest and heartfelt account of how one parent coped when their child had a mental health problem.

Tracy spoke to many parents during the writing of the book, and many of their responses are included in the second section of It’s Not about the Food.

Vanquishing eating disorder misconceptions, this essential book combines the gripping insight of an affected parent with clear factual information. A must-read for anyone touched by this illness, plus all medical professionals.
Dr Kathleen Thompson Award-winning Author of ‘From Both Ends of the Stethoscope – Getting Through Breast Cancer by a Doctor Who Knows’

I thought the book was great…and I’m sure other parents going through similar things would really take comfort that they aren’t the only ones feeling that way.
Maeliosa McDaid-Sly
CAMHS Practitioner

A timely, well written, thoughtful book designed to help us understand this enormously difficult situation. It’s not just the sufferer but the family who will find this invaluable.
Margaret Graham
Best-selling author of the Easterleigh Hall series, contributing editor and feature writer for Frost magazine, and founder of Words for the Wounded

I wish I had read it 3 years ago! But even now I found it has helped me, so whatever stage a carer is at they will benefit from this book.
I could really identify with everything Tracy writes about, it was so familiar, I cried, and I smiled throughout. I could feel her despair when she lost her dog. I felt like I was out there trying to find it with her. It wasn’t just a lost dog it was her daughter’s glue holding her together. Finding the dog was a matter of life or death! No one could understand that unless they knew ED
Sharon Gledhill
Pandora Mini Horse Therapy

An inspiration to read Tracy’s journey about the impact of family life from her daughter’s eating disorder and joyful recovery. It is both honest and hopeful. Importantly it assures the reader that life can move on.
Tracy combines giving insightful advice and tools for parents, professionals and loved ones to get past looking at the disease and turn the focus on what matters: the family unit. Too little attention is given to those living close to the person in the grip of the eating disorder. It can be an isolating and draining time.
Tracy turns the focus onto both being a ‘good enough mother’ and focusing on the heart which is better than perfectionism any day. Especially helpful is the attention she gives on advice for carers to take steps to care for themselves.
Karen Mulvihill Bsc econ
Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach
Mother of a daughter recovering from an Eating Disorder

This book should be on the shelves of anyone concerned with mental health issues and eating disorders, not just the carer or sufferer. It is profoundly moving and deeply practical, sound advice rooted in experience.
Judy Hall author of The Crystal Bible, Crystal Prescriptions