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Submitted by Clare Flynn on June 24, 2017

New: A Fine Pair of Shoes and Other Stories by Clare Flynn

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Subtitled A Tapestry of True Tales from Then and Now, Clare Flynn’s new collection of nine short stories includes five historical tales, four based on stories from Flynn’s own family history, and a tragic tale from eighteenth-century Sussex.

Flynn has also branched out into contemporary fiction with four intriguing stories – modern morality tales, set in England, Paris, the USA and an island in the Indian Ocean.

Beautifully crafted, vividly brought to life on the page, these quirky stories give an insight into human nature at its best – and its worst.

“A wonderful, well written collection of short stories set in England, France, the US and an island in the Indian Ocean, dating from 1793 to the present. The emotions run the gamut from happiness to deep sadness.” 5 star reviewer.
“Her creativity in story-telling amazes me. She is truly an artist” Stephanie Hopkins of Layered Pages Book Blog
“Highly recommended. I enjoyed all these stories very much. Each one is different and has it’s own atmosphere and intrigue. A very enjoyable read.” 5-star Amazon Uk reviewer