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Submitted by James P. Sumner on May 8, 2017

New #7 in Adrian Hell Series: Thicker Than Blood

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All roads have led to this…

The world’s greatest assassin returns in Thicker Than Blood, where the conspiracy that has captivated readers finally reaches its jaw-dropping conclusion.

Adrian Hell is still struggling to adjust to his life in The Order of Sabbah. His next target is the last person he ever wanted in his crosshairs – a final reprimand for his previous defiance.

But as the true motives of the shadowy organization become clear, he realizes his toughest choice is really no choice at all.

He stands against the full might of The Order, relentlessly pursued by the best killers in the world, desperate to put an end to them before they change the course of history forever.

Thicker Than Blood is the seventh gripping thriller in the bestselling Adrian Hell series. It offers a thought-provoking story, laced with explosive action and razor-sharp dialogue, that will keep you turning the pages as you race to the end. Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Vince Flynn, and Mark Dawson.