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Submitted by Martha Louise on February 12, 2019

Married to Merlot: A Memoir With a Message of Hope

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Married to Merlot is an inspirational read for anyone who is facing adversity. Through her unflinching narrative, Martha Louise pens a poignant and candid chronicle of her personal journey impacted by her Vietnam veteran spouse’s post-war stress, depression, and alcoholism.

When her husband leaves her, Martha finds herself in deep grief with a desperate need for understanding. As she searches for answers, yet another tragic event ambushes her and forces her to a standstill. The author’s straightforward account illustrates her heartache as well as her determination to stay the course toward self-discovery and healing.

Martha relies on her psychological background and education to weave self-help concepts and messages of hope into her storytelling. The compelling combination of the family’s perseverance and the author’s fortitude will encourage others in similar circumstances to find the strength to choose their own unique path to recovery and to a happier life.

“Written with such honesty and power, every woman and man will be able to see themselves in parts of Martha’s story and gain insight into the effects addiction has on others and the ravaging aftermath war can inflict on relationships.” –Frances Keiser, Author

“A raw and honest reflection of one family’s experience with the life-long aftermath of trauma. The vulnerable and heartfelt storytelling makes this tale relatable, while the educated content provides a deeper level of understanding for readers. An important read offering knowledge and camaraderie for anyone navigating the ebbs and flows of a relationship challenged by addiction and unmanaged mental illness. I am so thankful Martha shared her journey with me and with the world. I was excited, sad, angry, and I grieved and celebrated with her. That is the sign of a well written piece!” –Michelle McDonald, PhD, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

“Through reading Martha’s realistic account of her marriage and life with an alcoholic husband, many will see themselves and be validated. Martha holds nothing back in exposing her vulnerabilities, codependency, strength, love, and healing.” –Vivian Pinner Watson, MED, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“Martha Louise’s memoir about love, loss, family, and faith, tells the heart-wrenching story of a war-damaged soul struggling to find peace and a wife and family trying to hold it all together. The narrative is full of Southern grit, pathos, and raw humor. Readers, especially those who have suffered the loss of a loved one to addiction, will find special meaning in these pages.”
–GiGi Henry, Corporate Vice President

“So well-written and poignant. It is simply beautiful. I cried and related to so many parts. This isn’t one family’s story but rather the story of what many, many families face. It isn’t just about alcoholism. It is about any and every addiction. It is about betrayal, loss, grief, and facing the present moment and embracing life. Married to Merlot is a wake-up call!” –Lorraine Cosgrove, Program Specialist for School Libraries and Instructional Media

“Totally loved it! Martha’s insight and thoughts are profound. She made me cry and laugh at times. A brilliant book!” — Jacquie Reed, Real Estate Agent