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Submitted by Cornelia Fick on December 27, 2016

Literary Short Story Collection Free 2-3 January 2017

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Influenced by Lydia Davis, Maxine Chernoff and Flannery O’Connor, this debut collection of short stories by Cornelia Fick is an interesting blend of flash fiction and longer narratives. ‘Running a stop street’ and ‘Thoughts of a soldier’ experiment with punctuation, ‘Opposites attract’ uses the same sentence structure to demonstrate opposing concepts, while ‘Love at first bite’ takes a cheeky look at love through the lens of a Mills & Boon novel.

The gritty reality of ‘Shadow kids’ coexists with the imaginary world created in ‘Akere’. The fable ‘Courage the mouse’ is light and playful while ‘To die for’ describes an abusive relationship.

Told in the first, second and third person, the stories in the collection are designed to take the reader on a journey into the writer’s world with passion, insight and humour.

‘The golden thread weaving throughout the collection – from the tragic to the humorous to the poignant to the unjust – is Connie’s extraordinarily keen insight into human nature in all its guises. Injustice and inequality are themes repeated throughout the book, tackled at their very heart – through the eyes, thoughts, but often silence, of those who suffer from them.
A truly beautiful collection that deserves its place on any literary-lover’s bookshelf.’ Tina Williams