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Submitted by Sarah Begg on February 13, 2019

Laura the Explorer

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Sarah Begg’s debut novel, Laura the Explorer, was published on the 24th January 2019.

At twenty-seven, Laura Baker finds herself single for the first time in her adult life, her now-gay ex-husband the only man she’s ever slept with.

Moving into an apartment on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Laura’s two new eclectic roommates convince her that she needs to get herself out there and start dating (and sleeping with) as many men as possible.

But as Laura’s fun new lifestyle kicks off, her work ethic begins to slip. Her mum won’t stop pestering her about her biological clock and trying to set her up with Eric from the pub. And to make things even worse, the volleyball-playing guy with the sky-blue eyes and rippling muscles that Laura has become infatuated with is hiding a secret that could shatter her world.

Amidst all the change in her life, Laura is forced to confront one crucial question: does she even know who she is any more or how to be happy?

A fast-paced, fly-on-the-wall account of one woman’s hilarious adventures in the contemporary Sydney dating scene.

“Such an entertaining read! I love Laura as a character, and her adventures made me laugh (literally out loud). If you like Sophie Kinsella – you’ll love this book. Highly recommended!”
– Goodreads review

“Very fast-paced and enjoyable. Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments!”
– Goodreads review

“I loved every moment and had a brilliant time reading. Laura is such an engaging and sympathetic character, and the journey she takes us on is so much fun and yet has great depth and self-exploration, and touches on some very deep issues. I loved her self-empowerment, and was cheering her along all the way. I also think the humour is so naturally conveyed in the narration, and there are some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments – a terrific achievement.”
– Alexandra Nahlous, judge of the XO Romance Prize