Grandma’s Poetry Book on the Beach

by ALLi Editorial on January 7, 2016 in ALLi Events

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A beach hut as a bookshop?

When Swanage Town Council rented out the new beach huts for local crafters and ‘makers’ to sell their wares ALLI member, Di Castle, took the chance. Known as the Pop Up Shops, the advertising poster was shared on Facebook and a local councillor suggested Di should showcase her , published last year by Matador. Initially, she faced some hesitation when Tourism Information staff suggested she had not ‘made’ the book herself as it was published in Leicester. However, three days before the event, she was allocated a hut for the month’s rental (4th December to 4th January) of £30 and proof of PLI.

Di arrived on Day 1 with bags of books and her promotional material, unsure of the facilities availab. She found electric light, two electrical sockets, four chairs and a table. She used her camping table to display her books outside. Three books (slightly damaged at a muddy fete last summer) were labelled DISPLAY with invites to children and these were put in plastic wallets in the often showery weather of this year’s Christmas period.

The first two days’ sales covered the rent and the PLI. Sales since have reached up go four or five a day. Quiet times saw her inside the hut tapping her next book onto the laptop or entertaining friends with mulled wine.

The shops, including jewellery, craft, photography and art, opened between around 11am and 4pm each day. Swanage seafront is popular with visitors and walkers. Buyers came from Weymouth, Wimborne and those enjoying days out from a Bournemouth break. One Amazon review praises her Christmas present which she read ‘in one sitting’.

Future events are planned locally and the Pop-Up Shops should become a regular feature of the Swanage scene. Bring it on!

Genre: poetry

Format: print and ebook


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Submitted by: Di Castle on January 4, 2016 at 6:34 pm